Climate Policy Conference 2016 – Social Justice & Accountability

By Raffy Burany UC Santa Cruz held it’s third annual Climate Science and Policy Conference this past February. Each year the conference brings multiple delegates on the physical and social sciences in order to assess our current situations in regards to change in the environment.  Hosted at College 9 & 10’s Multi-purpose room, the conference … Continue reading Climate Policy Conference 2016 – Social Justice & Accountability


by Simone Poyourow In a world that doesn’t stop, and there’s always more work to do, we, as a human race, have become dependent and bound by the hip to our phones. The smart phone technology has exploded so remarkably that has made everyone’s lives easier and gratification instantaneous. Our phones can do nearly anything: … Continue reading Geocaching

Zero-Waste #Goals

  All University of California campuses have a goal of Zero Waste by 2020. Similarly, so does a small village in Japan.     Kamikatsu and it’s 1,700 residents divert 80% of their waste from the landfill, with a goal of diverting 100% by 2020. As of November 2015, UC Santa Cruz diverts 79.15% of … Continue reading Zero-Waste #Goals